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Get more reviews, new customers and repeat business.

Amplify by JBI provides businesses with their smart CRM - an AI Customer Relationship Management system that generates valuable, confidential customer feedback, massively increases positive online reviews, brings in new customers, and brings your favorite customers back for more.


Purpose-built for home service businesses

Reviews drive revenue.
Amplify customers are


more likely to get a review!

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Drive loyalty through automated remarketing programs.


Create custom campaigns to re-engage prospects and customers.

Send the right messages at the right time to your prospects and customers.

  • Engage your contacts

  • Share valuable content

  • Encourage repeat business

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Engage Customers

Automatically send texts and emails to drive more feedback, new customers, better reviews, referrals and more repeat business.

Capture New Contacts Lucky Stars-01.png

Capture Contacts

Build your customer list automatically whenever prospects and customers call, text, email, or buy your products and services.

Marketing Autopilot Lucky Stars-01.png

Marketing Autopilot

Get the benefits of better reviews and more revenue automatically without data entry or manual marketing.

Pro Assets

For businesses that want new reviews and more revenue, use email, phone, and text to communicate with customers, and need marketing strategy automation.

  • CRM and Email Contact Capture

  • Reviews

  • Feedback

  • Testimonials

  • Unlimited Support

  • Text and Phone Contact Capture

  • New Customer Offers

  • Repeat Business Offers

  • Referral Offers

  • Presence Management

  • 1-on-1 Onboarding and Strategy Session

  • Campaign Creation Assistance

  • Quarterly Performance Reviews

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