5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up and Maintain A Clear Mind While Working From Home

Let's face it - COVID-19 has changed our workplace culture for good. When the time comes for us to go back to "normal," we'll likely still have many employees working remotely from home.

The typical 9-5 workday is very different from home than it is in the traditional office environment. Many people are suffering from stress overload due to fewer breaks, overeating and lack of exercise. Blending work life with home life can blur the lines between productivity and relaxation.

As we've gone through the same experiences with you, we've rounded up 5 Tips that we are putting into practice ASAP. We know our minds and bodies will thank us! Here they are:

1. Make an office in your home.

Be sure to set aside a dedicated space for work. This is key to having better focus, fewer distractions, and to maintain an atmosphere of productivity that doesn't compete with your sofa or bed in the afternoons. Outfit your work space with an ergonomic desk and chair for better back support, and be sure your monitor is aligned with your sightline. If you've been holding out on buying office equipment or creating a home office space, waiting for this COVID-19 pandemic to blow over, it's time to give in and support your new lifestyle. Your health isn't worth putting it off!

2. Keep your data and your company's data secure online

Many small-to-mid-sized businesses (and even some large corporations) were unprepared for implementing mass security measures to safeguard company data while their employees migrated to working from home. Employees are working on unprotected machines and networks. This new work-from-home environment is a cyber-hacker's dream.

To ensure your personal data and your company's or clients' data remains under lock and key, implement these security measures:

--> Have your virtual private network set up for connecting to your office from home

--> Double-check that your security software is valid, updated and active on all devices you use for work

--> Set up 2-Factor Authentication on everything you can

--> Be sure you're operating systems are updated. Regular updates can be set to auto-install during hours you usually aren't on your computers.

We support your data security and help businesses set up their data protection systems to minimize risk. Contact us for a free quote.

3. Set and stick to a routine

This is often easier said than done, but having a routine you can stick to will eliminate stress. Rather than checking your email first thing, then rolling out of bed and into your office chair, consider the relief you'll feel when you have a balanced day ahead of you. Start with a morning routine designed to energize the body and the intellect. As you near your work start time, dress professionally as though you are going into the office.

When it's time to call it a day, call it a day! Avoid the need to finish the task at hand before dressing down for the evening and relaxing.

Having boundaries set in place, like a set start time, wake up time, and "call it a day" time, sets the stage for a rewarding and productive work life.

4. Take breaks!

At JBI, we love our Fitbits' reminders to get our 250 steps in. Rather than brushing off a reminder to step away from the computer, commit to honoring those small break-away nudges and go outside for a few, taking some deep breaths, letting the sun shine on your face, enjoying some playtime with a pet, and grabbing a glass of water and an energizing snack from the kitchen. Fruits and vegetables are great for this!

When you break from work, you give your mind permission to step out of a cycle of negative or cynical thinking and to do a restart on having a positive mental outlook. If you are deep in creative mode and breaking away feels like the last thing you want to do, remember how important it is to return to your work after stepping away, for the chance to see your creation from an eagle's eye view, noticing changes that need to be made that weren't apparent before.

Short 10-15 minute breaks make all the difference when putting a work-life balance routine in place.

5. Exercise routinely

It's too easy to skip exercise when you aren't all too excited about it in the first place! Now, more than ever, it's crucial that you put aside the time and commit to moving your body every day. Whether it's a 15 minute fast walk around the block, a 30 minute yoga routine in the living room, or a 45 minute cycle on your favorite route, anything and everything you can do to move, tone, stretch and strengthen your body counts.

Some scary sitting facts:

  • Amazingly, sitting only 30 minutes begins to deteriorate the metabolic processes, including increased blood pressure, blood sugars, and cholesterol levels.

  • Every hour of screen time after age 25 reduces life expectancy 21.8 minutes.

  • Inactive women who sit more than six hours per day have a 94% chance of dying earlier than those that were physically active and only sat for three hours.

  • Men who sit for long periods are also at high risk, with a 48% chance of early death.

*Sitting facts source: Dr. Jan Suckut, a Simi Valley, CA Chiropractor

With commitment to your routine and a "try again" attitude after an unbalanced day, you can maintain a healthier work-life balance while working from home. It's important to put your routine into practice to optimize productivity while still being able to enjoy relaxation at home after a hard day's work. JBI Integration Solutions & Cabling Inc offers remote work opportunities. If you're looking for an Information Technology job, give us a call.

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